eTBN early release wait list
The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. PLEASE NOTE eTBN is only available to schools.

Immersive Reader in Microsoft Forms allows you to hear the text of a form title and questions read out loud while following along. You can find the Immersive Reader button next to form title or questions after activating this control. You can also change the spacing of line and words to make them easier to read, highlight parts of speech and syllables, select single words or lines of words read aloud, and select language preferences.
1.Your Institution
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5.Does your institution use other digital or online educational resources?
6.Which Core Collection package option are you MOST interested in?
7.Please select which areas of need eTBN would contribute toward:
8.When would you like to gain access to eTBN?
9.eTBN may require annual fees for access. How would you plan to fund these fees?
10.Please share your annual library budget (in USD).
11.Your school's full-time enrollment equivalent:
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