eTBN is your partner to affordably and effectively develop your digital collection.

As remote campuses and virtual classrooms have increased, the need for many books in many locations has also increased. Full-time and part-time students study and work in different locations and they need access to the right books and resources wherever they are.
Some solutions already exist: online eBook libraries and for-profit subscription services. However, most solutions are an ill-fit for Majority World institutions due to technology requirements, content limitations, high costs, and limited scalability which impacts critical curricular needs. eTBN has been designed from the ground up for Majority World theological institutions to address each of these critical challenges.

We want to help your digital collection thrive and your institution to flourish.

Who we are…

eTBN is a product of Theological Book Network leveraging the unique capacities and strengths of digital technologies to help equip Majority World bible colleges and seminaries with affordable, effective, and convenient access to academic theological texts.

What we do…

By combining the best available technologies and leveraging its network of publishers, accreditation agencies,and global partner schools, eTBN hopes to transform the way that global theology students and scholars access essential academic resources.

How to contact us…

eTBN access may be partially subsidized based on your need. If you need more information about this product, you are welcome to email us at Please provide the name of your school, city, country, contact person and the theological program offerings you seek to support with digital resources. Or, fill out our interest survey.

We look forward to serving you!

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